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Special Pack - Choose up to 4 different flavors!

Special Pack - A maximum of 4 differnt flavors! Get your box packed the way you want it! Use the comment section of the order form to list the flavors you want in your special pack. Anything listed in the special pack page of our catalog can be ordered. Almond Bark MK, WT, DK; Bourbon Balls DK; Bourbon Caramels; Bourbon Cherries DK; Bourbon Toffee; Bourbon Truffles, Choc Cov Caramels MK, DK; Charlies MK, Almond, Cashew, Pecan; Chocolate Creams MK; Coconut Clusters MK; Coconut Creams MK, DK; Cognac Balls DK; Cordial Cherries MK, DK; French Vanilla Creams DK; Hazel Nut Creams; Bourbon Coffee Creams DK; Maple Creams MK; Mint Juleps DK; Mint Ky Colonels DK; Orange Creams DK; Peanut Butter Creams MK; Red Raspberry Creams DK; Rum Balls DK; Scotch Balls DK.

Special Pack MRSP16$57.00
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